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Fosters Responsibility

Fosters are asked to:

  • Provide quality dog food for the dog at their own expense. If you’re financially unable to do so, we will provide the food.

  • Provide basic grooming responsibilities.

  • Use a crate to prevent mishaps.

  • Provide treats, toys, bowls, and other goodies.

  • Evaluate and observe each dog to identify any potential behavioral issues as well as what would be ideal for their future home.

  • Care for the dog in a manner that is consistent with how you care for your own animals. Fosters need to provide basic training for the foster dog, who is likely to have had NO training previously.

  • Do some driving from time to time to pick up dogs, take dogs to the vet, etc.

  • Adhere to the principles of positive reinforcement training. LFAR believes in treating dogs with kindness and respect.

  • Work willingly and effectively with LFAR. We all have the same goal. The success of the dog with a forever family. The dog’s success depends on our success as a rescue. Working together as a team will help us all achieve this goal.

  • Allow prospective adopters to visit the foster dog at approved times. We work very hard to make sure that appropriate families visit the foster dog, however, the input of the foster family is very important in making the final determination if the match is “right.”

LFAR Responsibility

LFAR is asked to:

  • Covers the foster dog’s approved veterinary needs by paying the approved veterinarian directly. All veterinary expenses must be pre-approved by the coordinator. This helps us avoid unnecessary procedures and expenses. We only work with veterinarians who offer a significant discount.

  • We provide mentoring to our fosters via our knowledgeable volunteers. We are very proud of our volunteer team and work together to provide encouragement, advice, and support.

  • We solicit for donations of goods and services that are of use to our foster homes. Some companies donate items to us and we, in turn, route them to our fosters and the dogs in their care. Leashes, collars, food, supplements, grooming tools and toys are some of the donations we receive.

  • Ownership of the foster dog lies with LFAR, however, foster families are responsible for the daily supervision and behavior of the dog.

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