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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the rescue located?

We are a foster-based rescue. All of our dogs are in foster homes. Most of Our foster homes are located in Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia. We do occasionally have foster homes in surrounding states.

Do you have a facility we can visit?
We do not have a facility. We are a foster-based rescue. All of our dogs are in foster homes. Most of Our foster homes are located in Tennessee, Georgia, , North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia.

Do we adopt out of state?
Yes, adopters will need to be willing to travel to the foster home.” 

Why is there a non-refundable $25 application fee?

Recently we implemented a $25 fee to be paid when applying to adopt one of our dogs. If an applicant is approved, the $25 fee will be deducted from the adoption fee. 

A few of the applicants have addressed the fee with us and some have been unhappy. The reason behind this is to hopefully ensure applicants are serious about adopting a new family member from us. 

Adoption and Foster applications are processed by unpaid volunteers in their spare time. Almost all volunteers have full time jobs with families and dogs of their own to care for. Most applications take several hours to process. Since August, we’ve had over 250 denied applications. Those 250 applications have cost our volunteers hundreds of wasted hours. The majority of these denied applications are due to people whose dogs are not even remotely up-to-date on vaccinations or preventatives, people who didn't get permission from their landlord or rental agency, people who change their mind after the application has been processed, people that never respond or stop responding partway through the process, or people that adopt a dog elsewhere 48 hours after putting in an application. These applicants are clearly not serious about the responsibility of adopting and caring for a new dog. 

The LFAR board put a lot of thought into implementing an application fee. We certainly don't want to discourage people from applying to adopt or foster. Ultimately we want to avoid wasting volunteer time which means our dogs are in foster homes longer. The quicker we can approve appropriate applications, the quicker we can find great forever homes for our dogs. Placing our dogs with their perfect family is our main goal as a rescue. 

With the influx of hundreds upon hundreds of adoption applications we needed to find a better way. Many other rescues also use an application fee. Many do not. We are certainly open to other suggestions.

We know many people will not understand why we need to do this. We don't like denying applications any more than people like being denied. It's a lose-lose situation for the dogs. Our dogs are why we do everything we do. We owe it to them to find their perfect forever family. In the end, the dogs are all that matter.

What are the requirements for fostering?
We require the same for our fosters as we do our adopters. 

What’s involved in fostering?
Our fosters provide a loving home for our dogs as they await their forever homes. We provide our fosters with food & supplies for the foster dog if they are financially unable. We also provide vetting & preventives for the foster dog. We do require that vet visits be approved by LFAR. We pay vet directly. See more info on our Resources page.

How much are the adoption fees?​

The adoption donation is generally between $400– $600. Seniors and special needs on case by case basis.

What do our adoptions fees cover?

Adoptions fees go towards the care of our dogs. All dogs are altered (if age appropriate), up to date on age appropriate shots and on preventatives before being adopted.

Is a fenced yard required for foster or adopter?
Not always. Its decided on a case by case basis. 

Do you adopt to homes with small children?
Yes. We handle each adoption independently. Decisions are based on the dog & the adopters. 

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