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Stella, formerly Princess Meghan:

Where to begin with our sweet Stella? From the moment her “adopt me” photo appeared on my feed on Instagram, I just knew I absolutely needed her home with me. My family and I packed our bags and our Great Dane in a camper and headed from Massachusetts to Roanoke, Virginia, embarking on a journey we knew would be for the best.

The moment (13 hours later) Stella entered our home she started doing zoomies around our living room table and my heart broke knowing she knew, this was her forever home. It took some time to work out kinks, such as not eating her sisters dinner(that, we’re still working on), knowing that my bed is also her bed.. no more sleeping on the ground, and that human kisses are little reminders of love rather than something to be scared of.

It has been about a year since Stella came into our lives and seeing her grow each and every day is so gratifying; Watching her learn how to sleep with a sense of safety and security, slowly learning that it is okay to fall into a deep sleep; being a copy-cat to her little Great Dane sister, and crying like a baby when she sees her humans return home from work.

Stella has brought a sense of unity to our family. She has been the missing piece to our puzzle. As much as people believe dogs are the ones who need rescuing, I think it’s safe to say, their humans need the rescuing too and we are more than grateful for Lucky Farms Animal Rescue for bringing this beacon of light into our lives. We are the lucky ones. Stella is a New Englander.


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