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We simply adore Bruce!! He is as silly as he is sweet and snuggly. We are truly blessed with Bruce. He loves playing with toys in the house, running and pouncing on them, almost as much as he does in our back yard playing fetch or a good tug on his rope. He loves treats and snuggles. We put him in his crate the first night he came home, he hasn't used it since. He sleeps with my husband and I or one of the girls every night. He is the loudest snorer! He likes walks around the neighborhood and car rides. He comes to work with me frequently. He is so spoiled. He also likes sitting by the front door and watching the neighborhood happenings. His sweet brown eyes melt my heart everytime. He love snuggling on the couch with us. I can tell he knows that he is home when he gets on the couch next to me and after circling a few times plops right down next to me and puts his head in my lap ready to be loved on. We are the lucky ones to have this sweet baby. Thank you so much LFAR for blessing us with Bruce.

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