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Sometimes in life, you just know...

We had lost a pup in our pack. It was a very sad event and that left 4 dogs that have Great Dane in them. I loved watching dogs on the Lucky Farms Animal Rescue. When sweet mama Bessie was posted ready to give birth, I followed her and then… there was Sweet Skid (Boo) pup born. I knew right away that he was probably deaf and perhaps even blind. However, I watched him and each day I fell a little more in love. Two of our rescue dogs in our pack are deaf and partially blind…I knew Boo would fit right in. So four old dogs and the Boo Baby…

Fostering and adoption in my opinion is a perfect way to help on so many levels. It helps a family who perhaps can no longer take care of a beloved pet, it helps a pup whose family didn’t realize the commitment needed for a sweet soul, and gives a wonderful animal a place to feel loved whether I as a foster or as a forever family…I love my Boo Baby. He is a challenge as he cannot heat and has limited sight, but he is the silliest, sweetest, challenge a tail wagging genius…my sweet Boo!!


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