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Scaredy cat to sass monster!!

Because, what's one more...right? Sometimes when you foster you come across an animal you immediately have a connection with. As soon as I got her to our home, somewhere deep down I knew she wasn't going anywhere. If you don't know me, just know I'm the worst foster failure there ever was. Four bulldogs later...I now accept it and embrace it. Ha! She was terrified when we first met scared and afraid of everything. As in completely shut down. Scared of me, our other bulldogs, our home...everything. I have no idea what her life was truly like before we met, but I do know it wasn't what it should have been. She has come so far since we've had her. What was a completely terrified bulldog has transformed into a confident little sass monster. She's totally my spirit animal, soul mate and I think she somehow was just meant to cross our path. Who cares what her past was like before because we're going to make sure there's only good days ahead. 

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