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Rough start, happy ending

Carbon came to live with us a few days before her second birthday.  Originally, Lucky Farms contacted us because they needed a foster family fast after they picked Carbon up from the family who surrendered her.  We took her in as a foster dog and the rest is history.  She became a permanent part of our family.  When she came to our house, she was traumatized, apprehensive, and too thin.  Then my husband came home, and she instantly fell in love.  Her adjustment was easier because of her affinity for my husband.  With a lot of love and patience, over the course of several months Carbon began to feel secure.  She began to understand that she was in her forever home.  In total, Carbon has had a fortunate life.  She is in a home now that provides unconditional love, in addition to excellent food and medical care.  But she was truly lucky that the family who surrendered her made sure she had regular vaccinations and other medical care.  When she was surrendered, they provided her medical and other records.  Most dogs that are rescued by Lucky Farms are not nearly as fortunate.  As a volunteer, I have transported and briefly fostered others.  My experience with Great Danes is that they are playful, gentle, affectionate, and intelligent.  With patience and love, you too can save a Great Dane.  The rewards are many; our lives are definitely richer because of Carbon.

Carbon is a 3-year-old “blue” Great Dane.  She is a very good girl.  She is beautiful, intelligent, and affectionate.  She is extremely spoiled and sleeps in bed with my husband and me every night, but that is our own fault.  She is elegant and graceful. She looks and moves like the canine version of a fashion model.  In public, she is very aloof and regardless of the amount of attention she attracts (a lot!) she ignores it.  No one could guess that she is a goofy attention-hound at home.  My 60 lb. Belgian Malinois thinks that she is Carbon’s mother.  Carbon loves other dogs of all sizes; she even plays with my friend’s Chihuahua.  She knows that she is big; when she first came to live with us, she used to check behind her before she sat down.  She walks nicely on a leash even though she could easily pull me flat on my face if she wanted.

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