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One year later...

We’re celebrating Blue’s One Year Gotcha Day today. Blue is the perfect addition to my home and life. His favorite things are still attention, food and his orange ball. (Probably in that order!) Some things never change. I’m happy to say that he also loves car rides, hiking, swimming, fetch and dog parks. It’s been amazing watching him gain confidence on some of those outings. I’m so proud of him.

He is the goofiest boy. He still likes to catch bugs out of the air and he’ll jump 6’ straight up in the air. He stays closer to me than my shadow. He has good manners, though, at home and on outings. Blue gets along with everyone he meets; adults, young kids and other animals. He has been doing really well with “wait.”

I still can’t imagine how anyone let this sweet boy go. He is the happiest, goofiest boy and so easygoing. From what I’ve seen, Blue could get along with anyone in any environment; he just wants love.

I’m so grateful to your organization for the hard work you put into these dogs and for allowing Blue into my home. I’m especially thankful to his foster family for their hard work with him. The work and love you put into Blue allowed him to trust people.

Thank you, from both of us.

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