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Not waiting for Spring

One night while flipping through Facebook, a sweet face stopped me in my tracks. For MONTHS I had been trying to convince my husband that we were ready for another dog, and he kept say “We should wait until the spring when it’s warmer so we can spend more time outside”. The minute I saw this sweet pup, I knew he would be ours. After showing my husband his photo, it only took about 2 minutes for him to respond with “sweet boy, let’s foster him”. Shortly after I drove to ATL to pick him up and within 15 minutes of being home we KNEW we had to have him. He fit right in with our family. The kids loved him, our pup enjoyed his company, and my husband and I adored him. He had some skin issues that we were able to remedy over the last couple of weeks. He is so smart, loyal, & loving. We chose the name Lambeau because we are HUGE Packers Fans and what better way to honor them than with this amazing boy! We are so lucky to have him!

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