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"Fur"ever friends!!

I have always heard that when you rescue a fur- baby, most of the time they are the ones that end up rescuing you. This is most definitely true for my new “fur”ever friend, Whiskey. Since the very first day of meeting my sweet, Whiskey, there was an instant, undeniable connection between us, almost impossible to put into words. Maybe it was the fact that upon meeting him at his temporary foster’s home, he went into their clothes hamper and out of all of the clean clothes items to choose from, he chose a pair of Tennessee Vols pajama pants to chew on (I graduated from The University of Alabama, so I chuckled to myself and took this as a sign, Whiskey was trying to tell me he didn’t like the Vols, either, 😊 lol)… maybe, it was the fact that he chose to lay his head in between my feet as I spoke with his temporary foster’s mom like he was trying to tell me if my feet moved from that spot, he was going to know and wouldn’t let my feet get away without him following closely behind, almost as trying to show me that he would always protect me (which has proven to be true, Whiskey is never too far away), or maybe it was the simple fact that even though I had no prior giant breed ownership experience, Whiskey and I were completely at ease in one another’s presence, despite his giant size and my petite frame. It is hard to pinpoint a moment, but, this big ole cuddly boy had absolutely stolen my heart in a matter of minutes! I knew he was perfect!!

To say I was ecstatic when I received the phone call from Lucky Farms offering me the opportunity to foster-to-adopt is an understatement! I absolutely could not wait to bring him home to become a part of my family. On January 29, 2020, Whiskey became “officially” official as a member of my family. My dogs, Bella and Coop, and myself had forgotten what life was like before him. I can honestly say this 135 lb. loveable, goofy, gentle giant has brought more joy to our home than I knew was possible.

I am beyond grateful for Lucky Farms Animal Rescue and so thankful to have found them. Through Lucky Farms Animal Rescue, and their amazing adoption process, I was paired perfectly with the best-friend that I never knew I was missing. They truly took their time to get to know me, my lifestyle, my expectations in a new four-legged companion and matched Whiskey and I, absolutely perfectly. I cannot thank Lucky Farms enough for what they do! I love my baby, Whiskey, more than words can say!

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