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Companion needed...

We saw Bruno's pictures come across my social media feed on Christmas Eve night, and his description of "companion dog required" stood out to my husband and our three children! Our 21-month-old Great Dane, Scarlett, has always been incredibly social; her favorite activity is making friends with our neighborhood dogs and running with them. So we had been considering a companion dog, either another puppy or rescue, for a couple of weeks when Bruno's pictures popped up. He was so handsome and looked like a perfect fit; I filled out the adoption paperwork that night! Fast forward a couple of weeks, and we were on our way to meet him at his foster parent's home. He and Scarlett hit it off right away, and he was so sweet and gentle with our children, so he went home with us that very day. And at under two days in still, he has already fit right in with the family. Our two Great Danes never leave each other's side, love to run and play, and are already sleeping together. Bruno is a complete gentleman, always greeting our children when they return from school or come out of their bedroom with a sweet, calm nudge of his nose. While he is learning some basic commands still, he is very patient and intelligent. We are so happy to have Bruno as part of our family and so grateful to Lucky Farms Rescue and his foster parents for his excellent care! Sonia Bell and Family

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