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Chicken nuggies

“You guys I cried today over the silliest thing.

My first ever foster pup, I still see 2x a week as she and her (adorable) brother come for daycare at my house while her family works.

She was so skinny, had scars on her legs from being tied, ate like she didn’t know when she’d have another meal, wasn’t potty trained, and I had to tether her leash to tie her to me the first few nights bc she wouldn’t settle and would just pace and cry.

But she was also SO special. Her family is AMAZING and they were meant to be her forever family.

I feel so blessed to still be a part of her world.

Today this perfectly behaved, calm, gentle baby was caught being naughty. She was confident enough in herself, her place as a visitor in my

house, and her place in what used to be a very scary world to sneakily snatch what she wanted- my kids lunch that he was too lazy to grab. (She was kind enough to leave him 2 chicken nuggets and some ketchup). 😂

While I definitely know counter surfing is not usually something to be celebrated I couldn’t help but literally cry. It’s ridiculous how happy having to make another round of chicken nuggets made me and how proud I am of this baby and her confidence, her love of life, and her resilancy.

This is why you guys are so special too, giving these babies a chance to be just that, furry babies. That are able to make mistakes without fear of punishment, that they have the confidence to know their former fosters and new forever homes love them (even when they’re slightly naughty!).”

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