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Belly rubs!!!

My Humphrey, my ❤️. How lucky are we to have this big goober slinger in our lives. It’s been a journey with this loveable rescue… one for him and one for us. The day he gave me his fully belly…a full spread eagle that looked like he could fly on his back… I knew he was finally home. I’m so grateful for all the trainers but esp for the doggie llama who just understood this big boy from the start. Learning all about his immense allergies and finding what treats and food worked for him, watching him choose my husband as his person but when something doesn’t feel good or he’s worried, or he needs something he comes to mom and to giving this big hunk of love his best life…I’m grateful for that job. Thank you Lucky Farms Animal Rescue for the work you do for these big ones and for trusting us with this love of a lifetime!


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