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Basement no more!!

Before Lucky Farms, Milo was left in a basement along with his two brothers for two years without any training or socialization. Hence, his fears from lack of exposure to the outside world. When Milo arrived at our home, he was cautious and afraid of just about everything that was new and different to him (other dogs, noises, etc.). He has come a long way since that day and his first meeting with Remy, his Bulldog brother. They do everything together now such as wrestling in the family room several times a day and stealing each other’s toys. He now lives with our family in a small town in the New Jersey Pine Barrens named Shamong. He is a joy and we are so proud of him! He is the most energetic bulldog we've ever had by far! And, we've had bulldogs since 2003! So happy we were chosen to adopt Milo! Thank You Luck Farms Animal Rescue!

Milo was adopted on January 12th, 2019!!

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