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Who should foster?

  • Fostering a dog is an adventure! Whether you go into fostering with anticipation or dread depends on your point of view. Fostering IS NOT for everyone. It can be exhilarating, rewarding, exhausting and heart rendering all at the same time.

  • Foster homes must meet the same requirements as adoptive homes. A potential foster must submit an application. LFAR will contact the veterinary references, personal reference and do a home visit. All other animals in the foster home must be on heartworm preventative and up to date on vaccinations. We prefer that foster homes have a fenced area/yard for the dog’s safety and comfort.

Who should NOT foster?

  • Those who are torn between fostering and adopting. While many foster homes do end up adopting a dog, it is very important to remember that fostering is not a “try one on for size” activity. In the event that a foster home does adopt a dog, the family makes the same adoption donation as anyone else. Fostering is strictly for those who wish to assist “the cause” and feel that they have the time, space, and dedication to do so and do it well.

  • Those who cannot abide the emotional turmoil of caring for a dog and then having the dog leave when adopted.

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