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Hard life to happy life

It was right at a year ago that I lost the first Saint Bernard that I had shared my life with for the last 11 years and it to took a big piece of my heart. I waited several months and made a phone call to LFAR the last of September and told her how I was grieving but if a special boy come along please think of me. LFAR called me toward the end of October and told me she was transporting a boy from West Virginia that they thought was pretty special and had a pretty rough first year and a half of his life. We talked throughout the week and they sent me pictures and kept me updated on his neuter and vetting and we planned on meeting that next Friday halfway between LFAR and myself in Southern Indiana. It really was love at first sight and LFAR has the biggest place in my heart for bringing this wonderful boy into our lives. I checked with LFAR that they might have forgotten to tell me he was hard of hearing, but I figured it out quick enough that he had selective listening LOL. That and his stubbornness are some of the things that I love so much about him and watching him grow with my family. I don't see those traits as much anymore because he truly truly loves people and life and it really does rub off on a person. I understand that before he did not have his own yard and I have always realized that this is one thing that is very important to him because it is his. So the picture that I have chosen is him laying in the doorway watching out over his yard that he can go out into anytime he wants and it is all his. People who have not rescued an animal could never understand the love they have to give because they have had it so rough and they appreciate every kind word and hug and never really take it for granted. Thank you LFAR for the people like me that you have helped and mostly for the animals that you have helped out of the horrible situations many of them come from. So here is a picture of my Tonka watching over his yard.

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