LFAR Responsibilities

LFAR is asked to:

  • Covers the foster dog’s approved veterinary needs by either paying the veterinarian directly (preferred method) or through reimbursing the foster family. All veterinary expenses must be pre-approved by the coordinator. This helps us avoid unnecessary procedures and expenses. We only work with veterinarians who offer a significant discount.

  • We provide mentoring to our fosters via our knowledgeable volunteers. We are very proud of our volunteer team and work together to provide encouragement, advice, and support.

  • We solicit for donations of goods and services that are of use to our foster homes. Some companies donate items to us and we, in turn, route them to our fosters and the dogs in their care. Leashes, collars, food, supplements, grooming tools and toys are some of the donations we receive.

  • Ownership of the foster dog lies with LFAR, however, foster families are responsible for the daily supervision and behavior of the dog.

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